Wednesday, December 24, 2008


There is always a very important moment in a toon's lifetime referred as "Ding", this moment is even more important if you reach "level cap". A friend once told me (before I even started playing WoW): "the game only begins once you reach level cap". Granted it is not my first "level cap ding", my hunter and my mage reached level 70 a long time ago, my hunter was also the first of my toons to reach 80. But this is actually the first time this toon reach a level cap.

What is so special about my paladin? Why is she different from the others?

At first I will propose the playing experience, I have leveled her knowing what I was doing.

Is it really? No!

She is the first toon that has a purpose she is the first toon that has the opportunity to be something else than a damage dealer (DPS).

After thinking seriously and thouroughfully about it, she will be a healer, she will heal things for a living!

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